Low cost conveyancing can and does save you money; in the short term and if you are lucky.

In most cases there is a trade-off between cost, speed and quality, which comes with different risk levels.

Which risks are you prepared to take when choosing low cost?

The risks of doing a quick conveyancing job

low cost conveyancing“You Get What You Pay For” is a common saying that runs true for so many things. If the price is low most of the time so is the quality. When it comes to low cost conveyancing the quality of service or risk of poor service becomes a legal issue. If one was going to court under a serious charge they wouldn’t risk a low quality lawyer, why so do when making a serious purchase?

When choosing a low cost conveyancer you may run in to any number of issues. The process of buying or selling is house is long and can suddenly switch from quiet to busy. You need to have expert professional advice on hand whenever it is needed. Low cost conveyancing cannot offer this on demand requirement. In order to make money the low-cost conveyancer will have to take on numerous cases which means they will be busy and possibly unable to help the client when they are needed most.

It is also common that low cost conveyancing work is passed on to those lower down that have less experience but are cheaper to pay, potentially resulting in you not getting the best advice available. Those working at low cost often have little experience and little to no supervision from an actual lawyer, a scary prospect considering the amount of legal work it takes to buy and sell properties.

How much does low cost conveyancing really cost you in the end?

In the end you may end up paying extra for consultations with a lawyer to finalise contracts which could include fixing issues caused by using an inexperienced conveyancer. These bills add up very quickly.

Low cost conveyancing may appear to save money but in the end, is it really worth the risk?

It is possible to come across rare conveyancing service providers, who tick all boxes Speed, Cost and Quality, without compromise.

But don’t rely on your luck to find them – know what you are looking for with low cost conveyancing.

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