Defamation, also known as slander or libel, is where someone has published false information about you to the world at large, including pictures (think Photoshop etc.). This can be via internet (social media, articles etc.), radio, T.V., newspapers or any other published material which is circulated to an audience. Our team can assist you to seek compensation, an apology and legal costs.
A statement can have a defamatory meaning (an imputation):

  • By natural and ordinary meaning;
  • By false innuendo, when there is a secondary meaning which comes from reading between the lines.
  • By true innuendo, where the insult comes from reading the words used in light of other facts known by the recipient of the words or pictures used.

You don’t have to be famous or prove the publication is false. Also, you don’t need to show that you suffered a loss because damages will be awarded for embarrassment, hurt reputation and feelings (similar to punitive or exemplary damages).

Keep in mind that it is not defamatory if the information is true or has been published with your consent. Also, you need to have suffered damage to your reputation and be able to show that other people think less of you because of the publication.

See for an example of the landmark case where social media was used to defame someone.

If you believe someone has published false information about you, we invite you to seek our legal advice on what to do next. But be prompt, you have 1 year from the time of publication to do something about it. Contact us today by phone or email.

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